Energy Symp 2013Energy Symposium 2013

Challenges in Energy Supply

03 June 2013 Groningen Seaports, Nijlicht, Eemshaven

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Energy development and energy transition in the Wadden Sea Region (WSR) are topical issues on the political agendas. Also the Wadden Sea Forum stated that modern energy services should have high priority in the future work. In 2009, the WSF had initiated an inventory of energy production and consumption as well as analyses of impacts of power plants in the Wadden Sea Region. On the basis of this, an expert symposium was held to discuss the development of the energy market and to support knowledge building across the sectors and stakeholders. The work of the Forum has received wide attention and also the political level has brought the subject on their agenda... 



"Symposium Introduction" by Manfred Vollmer, Wadden Sea Forum e.V., D

"Sources of CO2 and its shares of total CO2 emmissions" by Dr. Karin Jahn, Bremer Energie Institut, D

"Introduction about status quo and developments in energy production and consumption in the Wadden Sea Region"
by Dr. Koos Lok, energyvalley, NL

"The impact of Renewables on the power market" by Dr. Evelin L├╝ckerath, Statkraft, D

"Natural Gas and Energy Transition" by Warner ten Kate, GasTERRA, NL

"Grid Connection to the mainland" by Thomas Ehrhardt-Unglaub, TenneT GmbH, D

"Energy storage in salt domes" by Carsten Reekers, IVG Caverns GmbH, D

Flexiheat - An Integrated Project to Collect and Utilise Waste Heat in the Eemsharbour"
by Prof. Rien Herber, University of Groningen, Project Flexiheat, NL

"Sustainable Islands" by Albert de Hoop, Mayor of Ameland, NL

"Sustainable shipping in ports" by Geert Jan Reinders, Groningen Seaports, NL

"Information and open dialogue, science-social/economic interface, consumer/society acceptance, civic participation"
by Prof. Dr. Cees van Woerkum, Wageningen University, NL

The symposium was financially supported by:

NAM - Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij BV
IVG Caverns GmbH
Groningen Seaports


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