WSF - Plenary Meeting documents

WSF-37 Meeting, Island Fanø, DK, 18-19 May 2020

WSF-36 Meeting, Leer, D, 18-19 November 2019
Final Draft Minutes
WSF-36 presentations:
WSF-36-8-1-sustainable-indicators by Manfred Vollmer, WSF
WSF-36-10-1-SIMP-progress by Soledad Luna, CWSS
WSF-36-14-1-Feel-the-night by Nynke-Rixt Jurkema

WSF-35 Meeting, Groningen, NL, 9-10 May 2019
Final Draft Minutes
WSF-35 presentations:
WSF-35-8-1-Climate-Change-Groningen by Tamara Ekamper
WSF-35-10-1 Single Integrated Management Plan by Soledad Luna
Press article RTV NOORD, 10 May 2019

WSF-34 Meeting, Büsum, D, 1-2 November 2018
Final Draft Minutes
WSF-34 presentations:
WSF-34-7-1 Adapting to Climate Change by Jacobus Hofstede
WSF-34-7-2 Water management in coastal regions by Matthias Reimers
WSF-34-10-2 County Indicators by Manfred Vollmer WSF
WSF-34-12-1 WSF PartnerHub by Beate Ratter
Press article "Dithmarscher Landeszeitung", 12 November 2018

WSF-33 Meeting, Varde, DK, 6-7 June 2018
Final Draft Minutes
WSF-33 presentations:
WSF 33-8-1 Perspectives on Cultural Heritage in the Wadden Sea Region by Mette Guldberg
WSF 30-9-1 Project NAKUWA-Sustainable nature and cultural tourism by Anne Husum Marboe

WSF-32 Meeting, Haarlem, NL, 7 February 2018
Final Draft Minutes


Information on plenary meetings in the past can be found in FORUM/WSF ARCHIVE/MEETING DOCUMENTS.


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