Cultural Identity in the Wadden Sea Region


WaddenArt Hardtslag exhibition 2012Event in the province of Groningen on 12 October 2012

Hardtslag Hoogeland (Heartbeat)

Foundation WaddenArt has initiated a project linking arts and culture with health and vitality of a region. "Culture is the means to express general characteristics of a society. Vitality is the ability to respond and assimilate."

On 12 October, the project Hardtslag Hoogeland will be presented to the general public.

After a short introduction, a forum discussion about the cultural identity of Hoogeland will build the central part of the event.
Awareness of Cultural Identity must find its place in a region, which is under rapid changes and development. Various views will be presented on Cultural Identity of the region. Following, the guests are invited to enjoy the works of many artists and innovative entrepreneurs in an informal exhibition. The restaurant of De Diek´n offers a dinner buffet with regional products, accompanied by local music presentations.

The event will start on 12 October at 16:00 hrs at Boerderij De Diek´n, Dijkumerweg 2 9914 TH Zeerijp.
Hardtslag Hoogeland continues on Saturday and Sunday with presentations from local enterprises and artists.

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