WSF Strategy : The VISION

The Wadden Sea Forum aims to help achieve a sustainable society by 2030 in which:

Economic activity supports social development and safeguards healthy ecosystems and cultural historic landscapes throughout the Wadden Sea Region

The Wadden Sea Region focuses on attaining a sustainable society with healthy ecosystems and economy, respecting the need for effective nature protection and integrating the philosophy of sustainability throughout its dealings.

In order to reach this goal, authorities and other decision making bodies will have initiated a development process across the Wadden Sea Region, in which the people and stakeholders are involved. The component sectors will also have started a process to maximize their synergies to coordinate regional implementation of conserving natural and cultural assets.

New governance mechanisms, particularly a sound stakeholder-science-policy interface, provide effective information exchange to facilitate the coordinated growth and implementation of trilateral strategies and action plans with regard to spatial planning, infrastructure, transport, agriculture, fisheries, tourism, coastal defense, shipping, port facilities, social services, nature protection and any other policy areas with a possible impact on the sustainable development of the Region.


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