Cultural Identity in the Wadden Sea Region

The Trilateral Wadden Sea Cooperation (TWSC) in cooperation with the WSF is working in the field of cultural landscapes and heritage for quite a long time. Two main projects, Lancewad and LancewadPlan were carried out in the last decade. Recently, several follow-up workshops and meetings took place to work towards landscape characterization and an inventory of maritime archaeology.

Besides these work topics, other initiatives and projects with regard to cultural history, identity and cultural tourism have started in the recent past. Concrete projects like Footprints and AnyQuestions, carried out e.g. by Wadden Art, as well as organ culture were implemented.

The WSF intended to bring together the different topics and initiatives in order to better integrate the cultural issues in the development of the Wadden Sea Region and to further elaborate on the cultural grounds of the people living in the Region.

The WSF has established a transnational working group to elaborate on the common ground as a framework for projects in the field of cultural history and identity. This would include different cultural aspects like art, literature, traditions, organ culture and other modes of expression. Awareness, also among the political levels, would be an important objective too.

This website will provide news about initiatives, activities and projects in the field of cultural history and identity.


2015-1 meeting, 24 February 2015, Hamburg, D

4th meeting, 10 September 2013, Hamburg, D
WSF-C 2013-2 Final Draft Minutes

3rd meeting, 26 April 2013, Hamburg, D
WSF-C 2013-1 Final Draft Minutes

2nd meeting, 12 October 2012, Groningen, NL
WSF-C 2012-2 Final Draft Minutes

1st meeting, 1 March 2012, Hamburg, D
WSF-C 2012-1 Final Draft Minutes


Hans Beek, NL
Jan Beekman, Provincie Groningen, NL
Stan Coenders, Foundation WaddenART, NL
Corry Diertens, buro sync, NL
Martin Döring, Uni Hamburg, Institute of Geography, D
Nina Hinrichs, D
Katrin Kirfel, Nationalparkverwaltung NDS, D
Juliana Köhler, Wattenmeer Besucherzentrum WHV, D
Konrad Küster, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg, D
Anne Mette Laursen, Kulturregion Vadehavet, DK
Andrea Möller, City of Leeuwarden, NL
Katharina Philipp, KSO at Helmholtz Zentrum Geesthacht, D
Beate Ratter, KSO at Helmholtz Zentrum Geesthacht, D
Katrin Rodrian, Ostfriesische Landschaft-Kulturagentur, D
Lisbet Rosendahl, Varde Kommune, DK
Kees van Twist, NL


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