Wadden Sea Forum - PLENARY

The WSF plenary meets regularly twice a year and consists of representatives of the sectors Agriculture, Energy, Fisheries, Industry and Harbour, Nature Protection, Tourism, as well as local and regional governments. National governments are represented as observers.

At these plenary meetings relevant information and developments on specific topics are exchanged and discussed between participants. The plenary meetings are the deliberation and negotiation platform of the WSF. Urgent topics or challenges from out different sectors and branches are discussed, either to achieve consensus or to comprehensively illustrate a dissent in order to get a mutual understanding different points of view.

WSF-39 Meeting, online, on 17-18 March 2021

due to Corona travel restrictions

17 March:
Green Coastal Deal - Final Draft Minutes
Green Coastal Deal, by Dr. Frank Ahlhorn, WSF

18 March:
Energy Transition - Final Draft Minutes
Energy Transition, by Dr. Frank Ahlhorn, WSF
Hydrogeninfrastructure, by J.Kaufholt, EnTec / Wintershall Dea
Results H2LinkRegions, by Dr. Ulrich Scheele, Univ. Oldenburg
„Seetrassen2030“, by S.Taptue Amprion, F.Baierlein TenneT
Power dynamics of stakeholders, by F.Reijman, Univ. Wageningen
Hydrogen strategies for ports, by Z.Mohamed, Univ. Groningen + Oldenburg

WSF-38 Meeting, 29 October 2020

due to Corona travel restrictions
Final Draft Minutes

WSF-37 Meeting, 30 June 2020

due to Corona travel restrictions

WSF-36 Meeting, Leer, D, 18-19 November 2019

Final Draft Minutes
WSF-36 presentations:
WSF-36-8-1-sustainable-indicators by Manfred Vollmer, WSF
WSF-36-10-1-SIMP-progress by Soledad Luna, CWSS
WSF-36-14-1-Feel-the-night by Nynke-Rixt Jurkema

WSF-35 Meeting, Groningen, NL, 9-10 May 2019

WSF-32 Meeting, Haarlem, NL, 7 February 2018

WSF-31 Meeting, Wilhelmshaven, D, 1-2 November 2017

Final Draft Minutes
Press Articles:
02-11-2017 Jeversches Tageblatt
02-11-2017 Wilhelmshavener Zeitung
WSF-31 presentations:
WSF 31-08-1 Jade-Weser-Port by Hans-Joachim Uhlendorf, WHV Hafenw.Vereinigung eV
WSF 31-10-1 Developments within renewable energy by Rena Paziorek, Orsted Wind Power Germany GmbH
WSF-31-12-1 sustainable transport by Herman Verheij, Waddenvereniging
side presentation:
"Online Survey on risks for the Wadden Sea Region" by Beate Ratter, HZG - report will follow soon

WSF-30 Meeting, Den Helder, NL, 18-19 May 2017