(in liquidation)

Information on the Decision of the GA-2023-2 of the WSF e.V.

At February 11, 2011, the Wadden Sea Forum society, i.e. WSF e.V., was founded. The foundation of the WSF society took place on the aspiration of the Trilateral Wadden Sea Cooperation (TWSC) in order to establish a legal body as basis for handling and payment of the Managing Director and administrative staff to fulfil all tasks for a trilateral secretariat and support all Wadden Sea Forum plenary meetings.

Since then the TWSC supported the WSF e.V. financially in order to maintain the secretariat of the WSF and its activities. In the meantime, certain members reduced the financial support and the WSF e.V. has to cope with structural deficits since years.
During the course of this year, the current Managing Director as well as the Team Assistant cancelled their contracts with the WSF e.V. due to lack of financial stability as well as the reduced possibilities of recurrent closing the financial gap through project acquisition. At the end, the efforts of the EC to find a successor for the Managing Director were not successful. With the beginning of 2024, the WSF e.V. has no workable office.

Moreover, the discussion on the “future of the WSF” at the WSF-44 plenary meeting in Jever in September did not indicate a sustainable and long-term solution.

Following the prepared resolution of the Executive Committee decided at October 6, 2023, to start the process of closing the society WSF e.V., at November 13, 2023, the General Assembly 2023-2 decided with eleven out of twelve votes (1 not appeared) to close the WSF e.V. on December 31, 2023.