November 13, 2023: the General Assembly 2023-2 decided with eleven out of twelve votes (1 not appeared) to close the WSF e.V. on December 31, 2023. With the beginning of 2024, the WSF has no workable office and the homepage will no longer be maintained. (read more)

Wadden Sea Forum

The Forum for the Wadden Sea Region (short: Wadden Sea Forum or WSF) was an independent platform for various actors from Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands and contributed through numerous trilateral activities to a sustainable and future-oriented Wadden Sea Region.

The results and achievements of the past 20 years of the WSF are compiled within these sections:

About us

wsf trilat waddensea regionThe Forum of the Wadden Sea Region, called Wadden Sea Forum (WSF) was an independent multi-stakeholder, multi-actor platform from Denmark, Germany and The Netherlands and contributed to an advanced and sustainable development. The WSF was working on a "Green Coastal Deal" in order to integrate specific cross-sectoral and transboundary strategies, actions and techniques which are environmentally sound, economically viable and socially acceptable!

The WSF was established in 2002, following a decision by the 9th Governmental Conference of the Trilateral Wadden Sea Cooperation. Still in many fields the TWSC and the Wadden Sea Forum were working jointly together.

The WSF consisted of representatives of the sectors Agriculture, Energy, Fisheries, Industry and Harbour, Nature Protection, Tourism, as well as local and regional governments. National governments were represented as observers.

20 years of collaboration in the WSF